GlueStarter (Software)

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

The GlueStarter is a small infrastructure component

that allows for remote start and shutdown of java jar files. A remote instance can send a command via TCP socket to the GlueStarter. Such, the remote instance can start a dedicated Java VM that is running the desired program. The GlueStarter itself may be started as auto-start during startup of the OS. Hence, one could conceive it also as a so-called daemon, yet one that  is just written in pure Java, which is a very convenient property.

The GlueStarter is a helper component for the NooLabGlue system. Both are operating completely independent, of course. In the context of the probabilistic approach to (a population of) growing networks, the GlueStarter can be conceived as something like a “growth mechanism.”

The GlueStarter just executes the commands to create or to shutdown instances of the modules that are linked together via the NooLabGlue system. Such, it does not contain any administration functionality… it really knows (almost) nothing about the modules or their state. The only information that it could make available to other modules is the number of modules that have been started by GlueStarter.

GlueStarter is available through the Google project hosting for noolabglue, a more detailed description is here (coming soon).



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