Feeding a SOM (or a population of them)

November 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Most likely, words and objects are not a suitable diet for SOMs.

We can’t feed them as whole pieces, nor chopped into letters. Quine proofed the the fact of a fundamental indeterminacy regarding words and objects [1]. Many computer scientists are getting despaired and try to define how the world should look like, which they then sell as “ontology”, insolently enough.

More seriously, in the traditional perspective (AI, data mining) the question is which data to take and how to “prepare” that data. Yet, put in this way, these questions are “wrong,” at least upside-down, similar to the word/reference game, or the frame game in artificial intelligence, which funny enough is also called symbol grounding problem. Here it is again, the territory, even quite literally. We should not ground symbols, we should create them by swimming. Probably much like the bubble chamber in early particle physics.

(to be cont’d)




[1] W.v.O. Quine, Word and Object, 1960, Cambridge, Mass. 1960.


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